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Originally Posted by IrishCoffee View Post
Went by the dealership and showed them the speakers. The tech agreed that they just needed new ones because they were defective. The SA is ordering them. Sweet.

After 4-5 trips to the dealership and an enormous hassle, the dealer (BMW of San Diego) is now telling me that they won't fix it.

They are telling me that because I tapped the subwoofer wires they won't cover it. They seem to be stuck on assuming that I was powering the stock subs with an external amplifier. I'm clearly just tapping the wires for high-level source for an external sub, but they must not understand what that means. To make it more annoying they told me they would cover it if I returned my car to stock, so I uninstalled all my equipment as well. Sure glad I did that.

Why on earth would anyone power stock speakers with an aftermarket amplifier? That doesn't even make sense. Even if that were the case, I'm not sure how exactly that would cause the speaker leads to snap. If I melted the voice coil maybe I would understand... kinda.

I think this is just a case of not enough mobile electronic knowledge to make an informed decision. I understand that I made a modification and that there are always warranty risks involved, but this just doesn't make any sense. The parts are defective as the photos above show.