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Very interesting "old" debate thread and read the first page onto the next - OP seems adamant that these lengthy oil service intervals are fine. Well, we all have the right to our own opinions and views, so no problem there.

Personally I feel that these lengthy service intervals are not good for our engines and don't offer enough proper protection for the *extended* life of the engine, so yes, in order for the engine to remain in good health well after the warranty and service plan has expired. For me the problem is not just the service interval in terms of mileage but duration too - 2 years is as far as I am concerned just too long!! If you were doing this sort of mileage per year then maybe, but not over the course of 2 years! At least change the oil then once a year, but ultimately every 10k km.

Regardless of how good the oil is, why risk it? Found this just now and thought I would post just for reference. Clearly an extreme case, but why skimp of servicing and risk having this at the end of the day?!


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