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Very glad you are feeling better.
Yeah those meet ups can be fun. I mean it's kind of funny?
We are young we have lots of friends.
We go off to university we have lots more friends and are going out and having a good time..though we are broke as hell.
Then we all get jobs and some friends move but we still try to have fun?
and then well around look around and's just you in a cube.
and god forbid if you are not married or having any kids by are just fucked!
You then look around and it's you....a bunch of older folks on deaths door and a bunch of 20 something kids who get drunk on thrusdays and are pissed because you have to go home at 3am to "work"

But glad you are doing well, drop me a line and let me know which groups you are a part of myabe we are in the same one?