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I think some people seems to forget that it's not just 40hp(and by the way 40hp is a lot) on top that you get from a catless-tune set-up, you also get a more aggressive power delivery wich makes up for a lot in the feel of the power. Same reason why people with just a tune(only 10-15hp) still can feel a diffenrence!

@ LarThal: There's no doupt a catless-tune set-up will get your M3 around the track faster(40hp-30ft/tq is not neglectable and specially the way this power is delivered), probably close to where a stg1 s/c with stock cats would be(on a track) since the major power gain on the s/c set-ups is really up top of the RPM range, where you don't pass the majority of your time on a track!

Just my opinion!

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