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Dealer to help find M3?

In the process of looking for a used M3 coupe. Was recently at a local Audi dealer test driving a sedan they had (told them I preferred the coupe after), and they mentioned if I found anything to let them know and they might be able get it wholesale if its an independent dealership. They would then sell me the car if, I liked it, after their normal inspection.

The advantage appear to be:
1- No commitment to buy
2- Car would be local and I could more easily evaluate it
3- Price should be decent if they get a "wholesale" price

1- I have shown my preferences to the deale rand they could use that to keep their asking price high
2- Just blowing smoke to keep a possible lead

Has anyone had any experience using a local dealership (BMW or other) to help them get a used car?
Does it save any time money or add piece of mind?