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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
Italians aren't known for their interior, true. But, the old Alfa GT 1.8 i used to roll in in my college days had a much better looking place to be in. The interior of 4C is not only cheap made, it's cheap looking as well. The head unit looks like the stuff come from Chinese companies. The frame around it, Is that really necessary? Looks awfully cheap. The vents. Can you say Dacia Logan?

You may think i'm spoiled with quality and such, but actually i'm not. I'm all about having a spartan car. If Ferrari let me i would opt for a much lighter one piece CF dash. In a car that costs as much as a Cayman S, you should be able to have at least a better looking interior (not better made, better looking).

The look isn't what i expect from Alfa, the engine isn't that exciting, the DCT only kills it for me, the interior is not nice and the price tag is huge. I don't like to say it but i think this car will be a failure.
I won't disagree with the fact that the interior is cheap looking. I just close an eye and look at the positive things like the weight, the engine. Lack of manual is almost a dealbraker for me. I'm waiting for final price. I will admit I'm biased, because it is so long I'm waiting for something new from Alfa, that is RWD. Of course such quality will be inacceptable for the Giulia which is to rival the 3 Series, C Class, A4, XS, IS and Q50.