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The ZL1 is a nice car. It is admittedly faster in most performance categories than most of the M cars, but i'd still rather have an M car over a camaro for the same reason a person would have a 458 over a Corvette. Its more refined. Sorry, I've driven the camaro, it was nice, but the way GM designed the car makes me think about what they were exactly thinking when producing the car.

By far one of THE worst blind spots out of any cars ive driven. Not to mention, the car itself is pretty redundant. Interior was pretty crappy as well. Not on par with the 5.0. If you want a budget performance car, go for the ZL1 over the M3. Better yet, if youre about budget cars, get one that actually performs without too much compromise in quality and get the 5.0/Boss. In my opinion, the new mustangs, including the GT500, makes the camaro a pretty pointless car to get unless youre a diehard GM fan.