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Thanks guys for the good input. Just to be clear I'm not doubting or stating that the 40whp gained from NA mods and a tune is insignificant. You definitely feel the difference (I tuned my previous e92 m3). Coming from a GTR I miss the "throw back" power when in boost. Coming back to an M3 was definitely a different feel and I agree with most that say the M3 stock is slow. Its great for the track and handling and as a DD but just not impressive when it comes to power (there obviously is good reason for BMW moving to FI on their next generations). One thing for sure is that most of you who have SC'ed are happy and won't look back, and a good number of those who do NA mods first end up going SC'ed anyways. Yes its more costly but you have to pay to play.

I'm already running 265/295 front/rear with the GTS wheels. I don't plan on getting a BBK as I don't intend to track much if ever. I am looking at two used kits both well priced and stage 2, so in the end I'll be paying considerably less than a new kit. I thought I could easily resell the kit on the forum if I ever upgraded or had to sell, but with the abundance of kits for sale right now (and surprisingly they don't seem to be selling even at their ridiculous low prices) really bothers me. I have made the decision for FI, its now just a matter of which kit I go with. I will post pics once the car is complete.
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