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Originally Posted by Precision View Post
Supplement thread pre workout specific.


NOxplode = mostly caffeine and ended up crashing after a couple cycles
black powder = less caffeine high and low, noticed more in the lift
Super pump = tastes the best, didn't work after first cycle I was immune
Nano vapor = garbage muscle tech crap ended up yawning during workouts once I was used to it
Jacked = liked it but left it for non supplement approach, need another pre workout cuz I don't have the jump start I used to

Go as natural as possible for the most part. Lots of compex carbs for energy and lean protein for recovery. I personally supp with organic whey protein, organic ultra purified fish oil, organic multivitamins, glutamine, and I cycle on/off creatine. It kind of depends... ...What are your goals? Bulking? Or cutting?

Remember too much can damage your organs. Take care