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Originally Posted by ussoldierforhire View Post
This is also true, but is it "enough" for what he's looking for. I blew almost a grand on the BPM tune (which is fantastic) but still not enough for my wants. 1 month later and I purchased a supercharger and the tune does me no good. it is my opinion that he should save his money for a used S/C kit if he's really looking for more power. Why pay the piper twice?
Keep in mind for a lot of people their m3 is only one car in the stable. Many people like keeping the m3 NA, including myself. I will be adding FI cars and likely the next m3 so everyone who makes it seem the only way to go is supercharger I don't agree with.

And whether 40whp is enough is up to the OP. The poster above me said "bolt ons did not make real hp" Was simply saying 40 whp is pretty real hp