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Originally Posted by Twinbo View Post
Thanks KP. The space is the big concern (for a rear facing child seat). I just don't see any car that offers what the e90 M3 does as far as practicality and performance for a DD. I could go to a coupe for looks, but I think the e90 looks 95% as good with 40% more usability.
My hesitation to the e90 is that they are being replaced with the new one. And I saw a F30 with the M Package in Estoril Blue and it looked amazing. Could only imagine what the M3 will look like.
The 997 tt and m3 feel very different to me. I used to own a 6mt e90.

I liked it, but the 997tt is a powerhouse compared to the m3. It would rip the m3 in a straight line, and has better steering and front end grip.

The m3 is sweet and feels good, but the 997 tt is a much better performer.

The acceleration and feel of the motors is totally different. The 997tt rips from idle to redline. It's a monster