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Originally Posted by E90M3velocity View Post
Nice to see some locals running e9x's in autox, didnt see any when i was still doing it. Is it possible that the pss's are not getting up to temp quickly enough? I cant imagine pss's are up to caliber as ad08's, zll's, or re11's when it comes to autox. I will track with my pss's as i need an excuse to buy a new set for my other wheels
I don't know why they act like that at autocross. Maybe they do need some heat to work.. but most street tires have the most grip when cold. These aren't R compound tires!

As for E9x M3s at autocross... I was the only one there that day. The past year when I was autocrossing the car, there is usually only 1 other E9x M3 there. I run in STU and the M3 is hardly competitive there. The class is dominated with E36 M3s, STI and Evos. I've been autocrossing Evos for the past 6 years and various other cars for 14 years so it is humbling to jump into the M3 and be a lot slower. It's just too big a car and you can not put the power down easily.
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