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Originally Posted by eocrm3 View Post
When I took my previous BMW (328i) in for scheduled service a few months back at the BMW Dealership I purchased it from the salesperson who sold it to me saw me in the lobby and asked me if I might be interested in upgrading to a 335i (I had purchased my 328i three years earlier from him). I told him that I was interested in upgrading to a used M3, at which point he told me he had two on the lot. I asked if I could test drive one, to which he replied that it would only be possible after agreeing on a price and securing financing. I told him I'd look elsewhere then.

Fast forward to this past Friday, I purchased my first M3 (2010 Coupe), from another dealer, of course!
maybe those salesman should start lurking the e90post boards

last couple of cars i've bought, the dealer just threw me and keys and told me to come back with the car when done.