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Originally Posted by Foxrus14 View Post
Really it would dust it? What happened on the Nurburgring then? You must not of been driving the M5 around it for the official times.

New M5 = 7:55

Camaro ZL1 = 7:41

M3 = 7:48

Well true...I don't drive mine on the Nurburgring...but you pulled out one statistic that is very driver dependent as well...

Here are some numbers from Car and Driver:

0-60 Time:

M5 = 3.7s
ZL1 Camaro = 4.1s

0-100 Time:

M5 = 8.3s
ZL1 Camaro = 8.9s

1/4 Mile Time:

M5 = 12.0s
ZL1 Camaro = 12.3s

Beats it in all these categories...
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