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Update 3-11-13

Hi, all.

I apologize for being unreachable last week. Although I did mention I'd be gone in my post above, I still got a few PMs asking about viewing the car last week, etc., that I was unable to respond to. I should have said that I would be largely unreachable for a few days.

I spent Monday PMing and discussing the car via telephone with buyers, and then all hell broke loose. Because all of the commercial flights were being cancelled, I had to drive Tuesday afternoon out to a hotel in the middle of nowhere so I could fly to Chicago in the midst of the snow storm for business, and ended up leaving on a four seat prop-plane charter at the crack of dawn on Wednesday. Quite possibly one of the looniest things I've ever done. Just for kicks I've attached some iphone photos below of the "airport."

I also had my ninth anniversary to celebrate with my wife when I got back this weekend (I flew out at 6am on our actual anniversary, so I had some making up to do).

In any event, it looks like I have a buyer lined up pending PPI to be performed on Friday. He is planning on taking the car on Saturday with both sets of rims. If this sale falls through or becomes final, I will of course post an update and PM all persons who have indicated real interest.

Take care.