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Originally Posted by Youngthrill510 View Post
Theres alot of things running on m3's. I just think its funny that people do that. I love the 335i bro. I just want the M because it hold alot more value.

335 stock is smoking m3's on the highway?
Not stock , but $1500 worth mods and you are 450RWHP , not $10.000 supercharger for M3 to gain 100 hp and we don't even wanna talk about the torque on 335's , i am not against M3 but i am not impressed either , it's a badge if you know what i mean and i am one of the people who don't have self Complex , i will never put M badge on my car neither M3 bumper because i think my Mtec bumper look sicker than M3 bumper.
Enjoy your M3 man and becarful who you race

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