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Originally Posted by R3DL1N3 View Post that's why Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, etc., all offer a drop top option on their cars.

In fact, look at the new 458 and MP4 models where there is NO NOTICEABLE TIME OR SPEED REDUCTIONS, OR WEIGHT GAINS on their open top models.

And again, unless you're some super-duper sports car professional driver, a few extra pounds and a little less support in a FT-86 isn't going to matter AT ALL. So going 0-60 in 7.5 seconds instead of 7.4 is really going to matter.
Those cars were designed from the start to be convertibles and have minimized impact through methods not available to a 25K car.

The convertible FT-86 vs. coupe will be more along the lines of the E93 vs. E92 (though worse). Still a good car and good enough for most people to have fun, but noticeably slower and less dynamic. At a price point 1/3 of the M3, they're going to have far less leeway in materials and such to minimize the impact of losing the roof - which is clearly noticeable in the E93.

So for those who want a budget convertible that still handles well - it's going to be a great car. But let's not pretend that it's not going to be noticeably less of a sports car than the coupe.