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Originally Posted by KellerKiller View Post

Just like Tokyo Drift was the worst in a bad movie franchise... Ricing out a German machine is just (in my opinion and most others posting on this thread) in bad taste. But, there's a reason the slightly* racist term exists. That is a particular visual style/ taste, just like (cough, cough)... donks... I don't like it. At. All. But, it's not my money that's being spent in the long run.

More power to you all. I enjoy watching people mod the shit out of a car. It makes me feel that much better about my own prudence.
I concur x 1,000,001. BMW's should be left the way I was destined unless its m performance parts or some cool carbon fiber pieces here and there for that extra sporty touch. That car was just grotesque and a disgrace. But like you said not your $ not mine..
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