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Counterpoint - I buy German car because its a German car w mostly German parts designed to survive a high speed crash and have sport not a German car composed of German designed Chinese parts that is a profit exercise/strategy for emerging markets or markets that will come dominant

Ok currency markets flux and automaker builds factory in Mexico or USA or in a place to better distribute and save cost got that

China has it rules

BMW closes down all of its auto parts distro in the USA

German steel is 3 times the tensile strength of Japanese steel.... Japan does not have indigenous ore

China blends industrious waste into common used products because its rivers and streams are toxic and by the time you are 30 you have stage 4 so there is lead and arsenic and pthalates in your armrest on the door that your young child gnaws on

If BMW introduces Chinese made autos into the global market then you better keep the euro born and raised vehicle

If this is the case Japanese cars then us cars will become.more desirable
It's not the case now and will benefit the shareholder but BMW is losing its ways