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Originally Posted by Atombyte View Post
You're going -$3k+ on a lease and wondering if this is a bad deal? I'm going on the assumption you're new to this, but this is an unbelievably bad deal. I don't know what year/shape your 335 is in, but going in upside down on a lease is a bad deal that I don't think you have a way to make right. Unless you're willing to piss money away, I'd say you need to stay in your 335 for a couple or more years. There are worse things.
Originally Posted by asado111 View Post
Atombyte: My car is no longer under warranty, and expensive as shit to repair, and nonetheless car is not reliable at all, always in the service shop, and i'm sick of it.

Curt: I am actually doing the trade in IL. Any pointers?

Anyone else? =/ and yes, I am new to this.
If you are $3,000 upside down in your current BMW and balking at the payment of a new M3, it may be wiser to move DOWN in car rather up. Use the time re-evaluate the finances.....
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