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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
A bit off topic but why would a red car hurt resale value?
I'm not sure, but the GM dealer's used car manager kept on saying to me that he wished my car was black, white or silver

I can kind of see his point, as currently there are 28x E9x M3s being listed for sale within 100km of me on AutoTrader, and EVERY ONE OF THEM are white, black, grey or silver... and one Dakar Yellow.


I'm wondering if I'm missing something in the equation when looking at the price difference between the PPs and the Sportsters. In order to install seats like the PPs, looks like I need Floor Mounts, Side Mounts and also a Slider Track Kit. Do I need the exact same things for the Sportsters? I can't be too sure but it looks like the Sportsters have some sort of Floor Mounts built into the seat.

If installing Sportsters require less mounting hardware, that will make up some of the price difference, and probably tilt me towards them. If they require the same amount of hardware, then I'm leaning towards the PPs.