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Originally Posted by m33
We all know I have a hard on for horsepower


Ever since I bought my ESSVt600 kit, I had a hard on for more power and then more power "VT625" and then more power "VT650". I bought my kit on one car

and moved it to the next

and moved it to the next.

I started with a VT2-600, then upgraded to VT2-625, then finally to a VT2-650. Between my three cars I put 130,000+ miles & over 300+ Launches at the drag strip on this kit and didn't ever have One hiccup. Since I can't drive the car for the winter anyways, I'm going to do the same thing that all of us car nuts do in the winter with our cars...I'm going to build the shit out of it.

Even Though its no secret that i'm a Believer in Ess's Products i still needed to take a closer look

Izzy really did it right on his car when last winter when he upgraded his engine to the VT3. ESS designed a custom fuel system for the extra power. Izzy's car is insane; and when I say it's scarey fast...I mean it's scarey fast. So I figure what the heck, it's winter and I can't drive my car I might as well do what Izzy did last winter: UPGRADE TO VT3!

So I started talking it over with PencilGeek "Robert", and of course ESS's Roman & AJ. Both Parties we're Excited for me . Izzy and My Friend Tommy really know the fuel system and Izzy's been driving his for a year now. Corey is a BMW master mechanic & the one who Built Izzy's (img's ) Motor, the best on the east coast, and I won't trust anybody to build the motor except Corey. PG really knows the parts and is a good technical resource. And of course ESS is the shitz when it comes to tuning this thing because nobody makes as much power as they do and has the reliability track record that they do. Period

I thought of doing a supercharged stroker, kinda like what PencilGeek is doing. But I don't think I can live with my car down that long because it will add at least another three months delay. I also didn't really like the idea of needing to change my DCT clutches every 15000 miles or so, because that's what we figured they would last with all the torque of a supercharged stroker. So I decided to build a VT3 as a mix of Drew's and Izzy's. Drew used the ESS/Mahle pistons to drop in to the existing engine without boring it out as so will I. Izzy got his own low compression Mahle pistons and sent his block out to Dinan to have it bored one size over.

I decided to go Drew's route and get the ESS/Mahle pistons that will just drop right into the engine without any boring or extra machining. I also decided to upgrade my connecting rods to the same Carrillo H-Beam rods that Drew used. So last week I ordered the rods and pistons which are being supplied be ESS, and a few days ago...the rods arrived. Funny story, the first rods I ordered came in a few days later but said they were S54 connecting rods. I open the box and there's six connecting rods in there...and not for my motor. I wondered why they were so cheap! So I sent them back and ordered new ones...and those came in the other day.

The pistons should arrive next week, or the week after. I'll post more pictures when they arrive.

Here are the Valve springs ( 9,000k rpm rev capability and they look like noodles to feed the motor with

As the build goes on, I'll post as many pictures as I can. Thanks for reading.
Are you running stock valves as well ?