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Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN
I've ran the Nt05 for quite awhile now (3 different track days) and its been a great tire. Not the best traction out there but it's been very well
Rounded in terms of performing in the street and track. I haven't felt that it has been extremely loud on the streets but my M's exhaust is rather loud so perhaps that's it. Ill be trying RS3's next time around just to switch things up
I liked my nt05's but I did find them to be loud on the streets after a track event until the tread wore evenly, like a mud terrain tire. They were predictable, cheap and symmetrical. But they do tend to heat soak quickly, but they don't get overly greasy. Compared to my experience with my pss, I'm in love with my pss tires. The tires are so consistent and they take beating really well, all the while wearing very slowly. If time isn't what your after, I think the pss are a bargain for street/track duty

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