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It takes 10 mins, easy even with big hands. This is how i fitted mine last night:

1) Remove old bulbs and take note of which way the tabs came out (mine had the flat edge on the right when looking from the front on, driver side. On the passenger side it had the flat edge on the top when the car is facing you)

2) remove the wiring (couldn't remove the wire when the bulb was in the housing, couldn't get to both the tabs and was scared to snap one off if i forced with a flat-head driver - Once the bulb is out its easy to do with your fingers! Much safer!)

3) get the new bulb and connect the wiring, check that it works. Now this is the tricky part. Drop the back-end of the new bulb in (i had LUX V3's with the big heat-sink) but hold the tension on the wiring to stop it falling in (DO NOT PULL IT, JUST ENOUGH TO STOP THE BULB FALLING DOWN INTO THE HEADLIGHT! DO NOT PULL THE WIRES. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK)

4) use your fingers on the other hand as chop-sticks, keep hold on the top LED part of the bulb, push the bulb back-wards deep into the headlight while still stopping it from totally dropping away with a little tension on the wiring (AGAIN DO NOT PULL! YOU WILL TRASH THE BULB - LET IT FALL AWAY IF YOU HAVE TO AND TRY AGAIN)

5) You should be able to get the bulb back far enough to get the front in. Your home dry then. Then used one hand on the back of the bulb and looked though the front of the lens with a touch until i saw the tabs line up and drop in, then its just a case of turning it until its up tight (looking from the front you can see the little plastic "stop line" on the casing)

Hope this helps!

Pictures of mine fitted against the stock: