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Originally Posted by s4play View Post
hey I need a filter and been looking at various offerings from Dinan, MS, AA, etc.

Maybe a dumb question but since you can't see it why does the color matter? So no one runs open air elements anymore?

Is the Dinan setup include a different airbox of still just a drop in?

Would like to order one this week!

Will teaming this up with RPI scoops help?
Color doesn't matter. The K&N filter is red because their filter oil is red. The filter oil is probably red because red is their color.

The scoops positively do (basically, see below) nothing. It is physically impossible for them to generate a "ram air" effect with this intake design. The only possible benefit would be less heat soak due to more air flow THROUGH (i.e. from the scoops, through the box, up and out of the hood vent) the box.

Any purported dyno "gains" are from "fudging" the numbers. The quoted "gains" are within the accepted variance of the dyno. Pick and choose the right runs and voila, gains. Do enough runs and average them all, I bet you'd see zero gains.
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