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Originally Posted by GammaZeta View Post

Typical forum response. It's funny though how I'm referencing the fact that the coupe was what the chassis was designed for, not the convertible. Nothing wrong with a car that was built to be a convertible (ie: s2000/boxer, etc) and designed as such to provide such an experience. I certainly don't care about the ring time at all, but the fact you are missing significant structure either means you add it somewhere else (weight - which the toyota most certainly cannot afford) or chassis flex. If you want a cruiser with the top down go and buy one, but don't be a fanbois on the forums when someone calls out the fact that toyota has marketed this car for enthusiasts with the driving feel and then decides to lop the roof off. If you havent figured out that this isn't exactly the best recipe to achieve it, don't blame me. that's why Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, etc., all offer a drop top option on their cars.

In fact, look at the new 458 and MP4 models where there is NO NOTICEABLE TIME OR SPEED REDUCTIONS, OR WEIGHT GAINS on their open top models.

And again, unless you're some super-duper sports car professional driver, a few extra pounds and a little less support in a FT-86 isn't going to matter AT ALL. So going 0-60 in 7.5 seconds instead of 7.4 is really going to matter.