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Well first is the price point. The s2k was 50 grand new here. So or a new car you are getting a good value. The convertible, to me, is a complete waste of what the car represents (no unlike the e93 m3 in my eyes). Less rigidity and more weight. The interior is hardly updated. Ill take my s2k interior build quality and materials over the budget interior in the Toyota.

As for performance, the s2k offers more for less in today's marketplace. I mean you can get a well cared for CR version for less than the Toyota. I drove the subie and frankly was underwhelmed. Ill take an AP1 s2k over that any day. The engine felt weak and sounded pretty rough in comparison to the F series.

It's a great starter car for enthusiasts who are on a budget, want a good handling, rear driven car with a warranty and want to learn how to handle reasonable power before stepping up to higher horsepower. I compare this car more to the 4th/5th gen prelude with 200-220 horses without the interior build quality and rwd.