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With all of this negative publicity, maybe this is what he wants?

Personally I agree it's very odd but I really don't care since it's not my money and I've seen far worse jobs before here in CA and even in Taiwan, you guys would be shocked at what some people do. There's a trailer park I pass on my way to work and there is this dark brown Taurus (model prior to latest one with oval headlights) and he has all this "woody" trim and antenna's poking out from everywhere, it's just a horrendous site worst than most Taco trucks around here!

The only bad part is lying about it being an M3, the rest is his own choice.

There's a thread floating around here with a guy asking if it was wrong to go backwards modding ~ aka making an M3 look like a 328ci? Is that any worse, I see no difference but people do stranger things to their cars, trust me drive around SF and you will see everything!
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