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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Earl! Good to see you posting over here, I really wanted to see your car in action, with that the very impressive 144MPH trap you hit, your car would do some major damage at the event, but I totally understand why you can't make it, they'll be more so maybe next time and I'm also looking forward to meeting you eventually as well.

Weistec, is a sponsor at the event, which is awesome and exciting for us at Shift-S3ctor. Jim's cars will do extremely well, I'm looking forward to meeting him and the guys as Weistec too. Should be interesting for sure, but I have zero chance against the 1000HP setup! He'll be a good match for a lot of the big HP cars that will be there, Josh's Built Motor Stage 3 Weistec C63 (Silver Dragon) will be there as well, should be epic.

Your right that there is always an event around the corner.

The next planned high speed event for me will be the Texas mile as we should join the 200mph club there. I read something about an event in Chicago in June...might try that if I am in the country.

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