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Really looking forward to this Dave. I can't stress how much I appreciate you organising this and not charging anything for doing so, I can only imagine the time involved..

I had great fun on the last day, was an absolute blast. QR is a great facility that's perfect if you haven't got any track experience. There's no pressure to push harder than you're comfortable with and the track is so wide with nice run off areas just in case you do have an off (not that anyone even got close at our last day).

Tracking my car taught me so much about driving in just a few hours. I learnt that the limit of grip far exceeded my expectations and the ease of correction once you push too far was really quite amazing. It gives me much more confidence on the road should I ever need to swerve around someone who's pulled out in front of me etc.

Highly recommend it if you're not entirely sure. Be prepared though, you will get hooked!