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Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
On this topic (medical),
for undergraduate studies, would you med school grads recommend going to a top tier public school like UCLA or a mid-tier school like UC Irvine?

Would it be better to go to an "easier" school (where i would be in the 85th percentile vs 60th -- for example) and focus on my MCAT and ECs or to go to a more competitive school and fight everyday for my GPA?

Thanks soo much for the input.

about me: 4.49 GPA and 95th percentile on SAT, applying to UCs as freshman
Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
i dont know where you're planning on applying but the medical schools i applied to don't give a shit about where you go as long as it isn't a community college. they really focus on your gpa and even more so on your MCAT.

Murder both + good ec's and you'll be golden

I've been accepted to multiple medical schools this season and will be a MSI this fall.
+1 agreed. I've been telling my cousin, an applying senior in high school, the same thing (he has a 4.7 gpa, 2340 cumulative SAT score and is stuck between going to UCLA and the ivy leagues)........It really isn't dependent on what school you went to. Do well on the MCAT and get a good gpa. It's really about the full need the numbers to get you through the door, but also excellent EC's, volunteering, research, personal statements and secondarys, you must do well on interviews, solid letters of recommendation (very important, in my opinion, people underestimate their importance) and show schools your interest. I went to UCLA myself and in my honest opinion, it does not matter what university you went to; it is not much of a factor in schools' decision making process, rather what you do at that school and how well you perform is what is important. I am also an applicant during this current application cycle.
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