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Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
On this topic (medical),
for undergraduate studies, would you med school grads recommend going to a top tier public school like UCLA or a mid-tier school like UC Irvine?

Would it be better to go to an "easier" school (where i would be in the 85th percentile vs 60th -- for example) and focus on my MCAT and ECs or to go to a more competitive school and fight everyday for my GPA?

Thanks soo much for the input.

about me: 4.49 GPA and 95th percentile on SAT, applying to UCs as freshman
i dont know where you're planning on applying but the medical schools i applied to don't give a shit about where you go as long as it isn't a community college. they really focus on your gpa and even more so on your MCAT.

Murder both + good ec's and you'll be golden

I've been accepted to multiple medical schools this season and will be a MSI this fall.
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