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Motorcepts Mtecs, hands down.

The reason is, Mtecs use CREE LED (, from a lighting designers point of view, CREE makes awesome LED chips.

Color temperature, 5000k, 6000k, 8000k is just a color, doesn't necessarily (rather drastically) alter the lumen output a lot. It does, the cooler the temperature, the more lumen output you get. BUT also you loose your color rendering CRI Index.

High wattage is NOT your friend. Maximum should be around 10-12watts per side. anything higher than that, unless they come out with a crazy heat sink, would just melt your housing. A lot of manufacturers overdrive their LEDs, which can cause a higher initial lumen output, but as time goes on, the lumen depreciation is high, and also will cause premature failure.

Unless LUX can prove their chips are name-branded, or atleast have it LM tested, I wouldn't go for it. Also, SOME manufacturers on here sell you products that are NOT UL TESTED OR UL COMPLIANT. aka, not guarantee that that thing will not go on fire for excessive heat.

below is a pic of the angel eyes on my 550