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Automobile repair/maintenance class - don't laugh

Guys, I just figured out an awesome program that helps out DIYers like myself who don't have access to the space, hydraulic lifts, and a second-hand or pointers from someone who knows cars.

Every quarter Arlington County offers Adult education classes. Aside from the standard learn VBA programming and spanish lessons...they're offering 3 different levels of auto repair/maintenance classes.

The class curriculum is based on the need of the students' maintenance or repair work that's needed. There's a workshop providing a hydraulic lift and other equipment and the student is responsible to supply equipment and tools the shop doesn't have.

The cost is $180 for 8 three-hour sessions in the shop.

I'm thinking about signing up the class to do all my maintenance work and bolt-on work.

I already know a few things that can get done at these sessions:
1. exhaust installs
2. 6MT fluid change
3. rear diff fluid change
4. brake fluid change
5. brake rotor/pad changes (or bbk install?)
6. suspension installs (I won't be doing this)
7. spark plug change
8. alignment (if equipment is available.)

Pros: allows the OCD M3 owner to know their maintenance/repair work was done properly by himself.
Access to a lift at basically $7.50/hour
Someone can give you a second hand if needed, if you're treading into some more moderately difficult work, instructor can provide some help

Instructor may know less than you
Limited equipment for M3 specific work. (like installing a ESS kit, lol)
Each session is limited to 3 hours
You have to know at least generally what you need to do. You can't approach each session like it's your first time holding a wrench. Owner still needs to be the expert in what the steps are (M3 oil pan has 2 drains, etc)
Share space and equipment with other students (not a bad thing if say 3 M3 guys sign up for the same class)

does this sound crazy, or should I do this? Anyone else interested?

Classes are at 7pm/8pm on weekdays, once a week, and classes are offered every quarter.

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