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Originally Posted by ///M_Monster View Post
Well... I Rate this mod 10/10. I was a little nervous going into the install at the height/size of the new knob bc of some past reviews (of the E92 equivalent). But were they wrong!

All I can say is the feel is 100 times better than stock IMO. The 1-2 shift does not necessarily "smooth out" as some mention (Still clunks)...Although you can tell that it is weighted after install. It does give more control due to the shape. Provides better human connection to the car and I can shift better bc of it. There is no "illumination" of course, but I always looked at that as kind of gimmicky anyway. Overall this is a must if you are dissatisfied with the stock knob (like 99% of us out there).

Another bonus is that the stitching matches the pattern on the BMW Perf. Electronic Steering wheel... A future mod of mine.

Pay attention to the aligning of the Alcantara. Best thing I can recommend is remove the stock as depicted in other DIYs. Then "rest" (do not click in) the knob in place on the shifter. This will show you EXACTLY what I am talking about as there will be plenty of slack on the right side and very little on the left. The back-left corner is going to be the main area of concern. Put the shifter into 5th and make sure you've given yourself enough room in that corner.

My method was "resting" the knob on the shifter, and draping the alcantara boot over. I took some time to form and marked the under side with a pen so I knew exactly where to glue down on the boot ring. I barely made any cuts and just tucked the slack.

Use just regular loctite from Home Depot... Works ridiculously well, BUT DO NOT GET IT ON THE ALCANTARA. Take your time...
thanks for the write up.
if possible, can you pull the ring up and take a pic of the places you trimmed versus where you "tucked"?