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Drives: Alpine White E92 M3
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Username: Wooderson
Region: NY/Long Island
Dealership Name: Habberstad BMW Bayshore
Sales or Service: Service
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Conigliaro
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 2
Work Performed/Attempted: Oil service, service engine light on
Recommended? (Yes or No): No
Additional Comments: Brought in car for oil service and to get a service engine light diagnosed. Was quoted $400.00 for just an oil change. When I asked why other dealers do the same service for under $200 he said that they must have had a promo or something, complete BS. The fuel pump and fuel pump sensor were replaced to remedy the service engine prob. Three days after getting the car back it stalled on the highway with my 8 yr old in back seat when I was doing 60+ mph. Had to get a tow to dealer at my own expense. Dealer said that all the coils misfired and caused the stall. They were replaced. When I finally read the work order it plainly said that there was an empty gas tank code. What it didn't say was that it ran out of gas because of the botched fuel pump install that caused the fuel guage to give a faulty reading. On my final visit they ran out of loaner cars even though I made an appointment that day specifically because they said they would have loaners. I got a Hertz Mazda that I had to pay insurance for. When they replaced the the fuel pump for the second time they charged me for a half a tank of fuel because they said they had to top of tank to check fuel sensor. I filled the tank up the night before I dropped it off. They did not give a receipt for the fuel they supposedly put in the car.

(Edit): The car went in for a fourth time because the original problem presented itself again, service engine light back on for emissions problem. They replaced fuel pump control unit. Total cost of repairs to date, over $3000.00 for an emissions diagnosis and repair.

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