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Don Nguyen

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Not really an update on my Porsche, but I have had a lot of requests for pictures of my widebody E36 M3, so instead of PMing everyone back individually, here are the pictures of it.

This is basically a recap of the past 4 years in 3 pictures, with the red black and white being the oldest and the car in black being the most recent.

I do automotive vinyl wrapping professionally, so changing the color of the car is easy for me. The original colors of red/black/white were painted. However, the matte white and matte black are vinyl wraps. Had the matte white for a month before going matte black. Just felt right. May just get the car painted gloss black later on, or if I feel ballsy enough, I'll redo the red/black/white theme again.

If you really want to follow more oft the progress on my other builds (my widebody M3, motorcycles, etc.), pretty much all of my pictures and updates on those will be posted through instagram, since I don't really feel like they deserve their own threads.

Instagram: @don__nguyen (double underscores in between the name).

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