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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
No 3 strikes regardless. You can ask for a sound check anytime you want during any session. Basically consists of asking the track steward at the grid about getting a sound check. He'll radio to the sound booth so they know which car is getting tested. You do one warm up lap and then on your second lap you pass the sound booth at full throttle (make sure no other cars are around you) and then go back into the hot pit to get your reading. If you pass you can go back out on the track. If you fail, your session is done but it doesn't count against you since it was a sound test.

My suggestion for a first timer who thinks they might be over sound is to just lift between 5-6 for most of your first session. Probably just getting used to the track anyways. Then when you have 5-10 min left in your session, pull into the hot pits and ask for a sound check. That way if you fail, you don't lose much track time.
Got it, thanks for explaining. Makes sense, and a good strategy.

Are they testing each car during a session, EVERY time they go through this section of the track? Is there a dude literally monitoring DB's for every car that passes the entire run session and then radioing the folks running the track with cars that are failing?