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Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post
I thouth about the same. Is there any voluteer? I am offering 50K...
$200K and I have to get a prenup.

Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
and this is why hit men will always have work...
My first thought, to be honest. Probably watch too much I.D. channel.

Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post

Maybe I should find someone who would get my wife into smoking pot
Everything for a price

Originally Posted by carve View Post
Hmmmm...assuming you have a lot of money, put enough for college into a trust fund for your daughter, hide as much as you can in a swiss account, get yourself fired, get a job that pays similar to your wife, find a low-paying job close to home, and tell your wife you'll look for a better job when she does.
Hide anything, ANYTHING, and her lawyers & their investigators will find it and the judge will take everything you have.

Quit your jobs and sell your stuff. Buy a sailboat and cruise around the Carribean for a year. Start over.
Sounds nice, I'd be tempted.

Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post

Also try to move your assets to your friends or relatives accounts. The best way to do is go to a casino and withdraw as much cash as possible and make it look like you lost in by gambling. Then deposit that money into your relative's account. Do this as many times as you need to every a few weeks.

Also it is always a good to have a separate bank account that she doesn't know about.
See above.

Originally Posted by Rowdy View Post
Thank the stars that our courts and judges north of the 49 are a little more on the sane side. Although I have seen some BRUTAL divorces. Like I mentioned in the mail order bride thread.. co worker lost his house, 3 series and about 20k in lawyer fees.. for being common law!


I still think the best comment ever was from Ari Gold.. 'I'd kill my wife before I'd divorce her'
Ahh, the sanctity of marriage

Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
hey HEY HEY! Roast....hey's ok.
Look yeah so what 50% of all of marriages end in divorce.
Given the financial inducements for women to game the system, I'm surprised it's 50%

Originally Posted by Sam335ix View Post
Do you know why divorce is so expensive? Because its worth it! I have been with my gf for 8 years, she knows better than to ask me for marriage . We live together and that the closest shit it will be to marriage.
Common-law marriage. Check the laws in your jurisdiction.

Originally Posted by bigbacon View Post
I'd take all the money out the bank that I could and move out the country.

this is my plan at least if my marriage ever comes to this.
One word: extradition.

Originally Posted by carve View Post
Marriage really provides a dis-incentive in many ways to make a relationship work. Imagine if you had a job where, if you got fired, you got to keep half the company and still got paid. How hard would you work?