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I had 2 Hold'em table going, and i employed 2 hot chicks to deal for me and take in rakes and tips, and i had a black jack table going...i did it 3 nights a week and avg revenue per night was 2K after paying off the girls and providing food and drinks for the degenerates...i got greedy, then later on i started doing tournaments and letting people i didnt know come to play, did that for 7 months and racked up a lot of money. Then the cop must've had an informant playing in the game and they came knocking with the swat team...scariest thing ever...this was back in 04, that turned my life upside down...but i never gave up, realized the only job i could get now is in the car business so that's what i do...
There's always real estate. Pays well, you don't have to be honest, and there's hardly any work involved. Mostly BS.

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and i don't pay for insurance, i don't have insurance....

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I went to Canada like 15 years ago, when i was much younger, went as far north as Quebec, accidentally went to a gay bar...quite an experience, i remember eating the good fruits
No comment. Really.

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You only live once, i don't regret what i did, i just regret getting caught...and i want to find the informant and slit his throat
If something happens to him I hope the authorities don't find this post.

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I have 3 felonies with heavy charges here, in and out the prison many times. You can visit another country, no problem as long you play under the rules and regulations. Make sure your conviction is finalized before going some place far.
I'm out of my league around here

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Would you mind if I ask how much time you did? What was it like in prison?

Never been to a prison in a first world country so I'm kind of interested.
Once again.

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rather not say, but i'll say this, i did not get raped...the uncontrollable shit thread i made a couple years ago had nothing to do with my rather large butt hole...that was ecoli
The entertainment value of your posts is not inconsiderable.