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Laguna Secca noise ordinance - tricks to passing?

I think a lot of folks (including me) are headed to Laguna Secca later this summer for the BMW CCA Oktoberfest event. From what I read, they will be enforcing a 92db limit that week. I think a lot of us with aftermarket exhausts will have a tough time meeting that limit. Are there any tricks to not being black flagged for noise during one of these HPDE events? Do they just record sound levels at one particular station at the track? Could one "slow down" a bit during that stretch of the course to lower your db levels in order to something like 6-7,000 rpms to pass and then flog it the rest of the way around the track? How strict are they at these thing?

I've never been to a track with a noise ordinance like this, so wondering if I should even bother with entering into the HPDE event.