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Originally Posted by woosh View Post
I suspect you drive through some areas where kids typically play on the street? They must have something to say about this beast (basically, just wondering if they give you a thumbs up or start throwing rocks lol)
I'm assuming you think Lebanon looks like Afghanistan. :/

a GT3 doesn't get particular thumbs up, but it does earn you "parking respect".
The Lebs on the board will understand what I mean by that.
Everywhere you go has valet (yes, even McDonalds), and the place infront of it gets the nicest cars parked.
Parking Respect:
- (Price of car + price of license plate) * Year of production = parking respect.
I wish I was making this shit up. Of course, it can all be waved if you know the owner or are really good friends with the valet people.

So Parking Respect buys you the ability to no let valet drive your car and have your car parked up front regardless.
Nice cars parked infront leads to better prestige for the shop/club which leads to more people wanting to go to it.

Price of license plate. The less numbers you have, and the "cooler" the number combo, the more you pay for your plate. Plates like "666" or "911" can be sold for a few hundred thousand dollars. "5566" would go for like 15k.

Anyways, the GT3, it being a GT3 alone buys me a ton of parking respect. I still haven't plated it yet. No valet has argued with me, and that's the most you'll get from anyone here. Other porsche drivers have given me a thumbs up, and kids like to look at it like it is a matchbox car.

Also, married women give me this "I want you to be my chew toy" look.

that's how the locals take to it. :P