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$22k for that car is insane.

In 2004, I bought a stock 2003 evo8 with 10k miles for $23k.
That car is not worth more than $13k today.

Plus, this is the least sophisticated model. I don't have to tell you all the goodies that came with the 05, 06 cars. Lastly, you can walk off with a new Evox for a hair under 30k.

I know I'm doing a big no-no, which is bashing a fs thread, but come on, face some reality, and also post this in the fs section. I'm also saying this as a reasonable opinion for the m3 owner who may not know about these cars and may want to jump on a track car.

I love evos, I owned one for 6 years, and loved every minute of it, but I just don't want ppl to grossly overpay for one.

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