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Originally Posted by DLSJ5
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Yea I know it uses the SLS internals.. but the nice part about it is that it comes that way from the factory.
And I agreed with you, lol, but at a cost over 100K it better come that way from the factory, so does the P31, dont' take this as insulting your intelligence, I'm just throwing it out there for everyone who's interested in the info, again Weistec recommends upgrading the internals with a Stage 3.

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regarding your 2nd paragraph.. I mean really? didnt you see my response saying "how long this engine will last is for a different debate" That shit is common sense bro. No need to explain that to me.
Lol, no idea what you are talking about where is your response stating that? Again, it's not just about to what you may think or know, just general info on the subject, I threw it out there for everyone.

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The boss 302 seems to be most enticing for me. Forged internals from the factory with 750-900whp potential. If you blow it up, it will not cost you a fortune to rebuild.
I like that car too, it's a lot easier to mod for big power from the factory, but RWD is always a bitch with big power.
Cant u get the sls internals as an option on the regular c63s?

What impresses me most is what amg is doin with sls black series. Reducing the drivetrain weight even further to spin a 6.2l to 8k rpm. Bmw where ya at?