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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
At least you got a response. A few months back I applied to a aftermarket automotive parts vendor for BMW, Audi,and VW(paid vendor of here and vw vortex). If you know the states where most of those companies are located and look where I live it's pretty easy detective work to figure out who.

Anyways, the way you apply you send your resume to one central application email address. I ended up getting a call from 3 different managers or different departments. So off the bat I thought I had a pretty good chance of getting one of the jobs. I had 3 initial phone interviews and all 3 said they would call me back and two of which actually slammed on some of the resumes they had been receiving and made nice compliments about mine.

A week passes and only one manager calls me back for a interview even after the other two who talked smack about their other resumes never called me back. Well I went in and the interview went pretty well, at least the manager seemed happy and expressed that he would be in touch very soon.

Another week passed so I took the initiative to email the manager to express my interest and thank him for the interview. I NEVER heard anything again.

I found the whole process very unprofessional and the fact that I was never even sent a "thanks but no thanks" form letter as a joke. In the end it's not like I was jobless. Just looking for a change of scenery.
i agree that it's pretty unprofessional when employers don't give you at least a generic courtesy letter for turning you down. is it so hard to be honest to someone you don't know personally?

Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
Oh for sure. I was agreeing with you. Just saying that it's weird that the main guy got mad over nothing considering he was the main contact.
yeah its weird.

the initial application was sent to their hr email address with no name. so I really did not think that I needed to go through that email address again since he already called me with his phone and emailed me with his work email.

oh well... maybe he forgot to take his chill pill.
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