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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
You are referring to the Weistec setups not having to yank the motor for Stage 3? That appears to be the case, but not for the s65 and for some that's a big issue, fair enough. The STG. 3 Weistec car in the vid has SLS internals, equal to or maybe better than what I have in my VT3, a standard C63 does not. FWIW Weistec recommends Engine Internal and Tranny upgrades with their Stage 3, which is a smart move on their part, but I would doubt a BS or P31 package needs them as they have the SLS internals, food for thought.

The upgraded internals on the S65 are not just to handle the additional boost/timing, but to safely make 640whp on 91 octane pump gas and not worry about blowing up an engine. There's more to it than simply saying you can make this much power on the stock internals, reliability and what fuel you have available is also a big factor too, and those that are DCT need to think about their transmission. I could make more power with my setup, but I'm not sure the DCT could handle the power. You can make good power on the stock S65 as well, but at levels above 8+psi, it will probably not last long on ANY octane or god like tune, especially with hard driving, that's the bottom line as well.

Yea I know it uses the SLS internals.. but the nice part about it is that it comes that way from the factory.

regarding your 2nd paragraph.. I mean really? didnt you see my response saying "how long this engine will last is for a different debate" That shit is common sense bro. No need to explain that to me.

The boss 302 seems to be most enticing for me. Forged internals from the factory with 750-900whp potential. If you blow it up, it will not cost you a fortune to rebuild.