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Job follow up question

so here is what happened...

Feb 22- Fri: Sent out 2 applications. one for fabrication on installations and one for residential architecture

Feb 23- Sat: I got a call for an interview with a company for a fabrication position (CNC, laser cut, 3dprints)

Feb 25- Mon: Went on an interview

Feb 28- Thu: got a call from the residential architecture firm

Feb 29- Fri: Interview with residential architecture

Mar 4- Mon: Got a call and email from residential architecture to start work asap

I called fabrication company and then emailed to follow up and check my status because I'd prefer to work for them.

Mar 5- Tues: today the principal of the fabrication company emailed me and told me they'd like for me to join their team (in a month or so) but it was not cool that I called his phone yesterday and it is usually a grounds for rejection for an application.

So here is the question:

It was the same phone that he used to call me last Saturday when he set me up with an interview. I only called him once and left a brief message. However, I emailed all three of the people who interviewed me and that includes him.

To be professional, I just apologized so I can keep the opportunity.

So is it really not cool to call the principal of a company? Maybe I missed the posting that said no calls please. But I already had an interview with them.

Please share some feedback and your experiences. Thanks.
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