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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Yes, you can't safely run 11-12psi on a stock motor despite what you may read elsewhere no matter what octane you throw at it, and C16 does nothing power wise, Gintani spent over an hour on a dynoject at specialty Z when I had their kit trying to make more power, almost 20 runs, lol and the car actually made less on C16. I would say if you run more than 8 psi on a stock motor, you are asking for trouble, so this is our only option.

A stock motor Supercharged M3 will not safely make 670whp SAE on a dynojet no matter how much octane or boost you throw at it, maybe a dyna pack it can come close, as I made 650whp with the VT625 on that type of dyno, lol. There is not enough fuel to run 11psi or an E85 mix and the motor would grenade in no time, but cleary there is a HUGE gap performance wise between a VT2 and VT3, just as there is on the Weistec Stage 2 vs. Stage 3.

As far as "built" I guess you could say that the specific Weistec Stage 3 that was in the vid has a built motor too, as it has the SLS internals with forged pistons. The only upgrades I have are LC pistons and rods, no boring out of the block, etc. which actually lowers power, but I can run more boost and timing safely, that's the difference, as well as more fuel with the upgraded fuel system. I wonder how much boost that Stage 3 is running, my buddies Weistec Stage 2 was running 7-8psi I believe. Either way I'm really impressed with those cars, there will be a 1000HP Weistec C63, built motor, at the shift-s3ctor event, he's a good friend, I'll run him, but I doubt I have much of a chance. It would be a fun run if the 800HP Stage 3 was able to go.
Good info. Another video said the C63 Black was running 11psi.