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Originally Posted by ortho281 View Post
Mine first appeared on left front and right rear. Now it is apparent on all four. As the treads are wearing, they are now less noticable. I think it depends on what level the treads are worn to. I spoke to several people that I track with and they also had the same issue with the NT01's. One person had a large chunk delaminate and had to replace tire. I only have about 4-8 sessions remaining on mine. Not sure what I will replace them with.
Since, I only have 4-8 sessions remaining on this set, I went ahead and purchased a new set through Discount Tires Direct. I will also have them heat-cycle this set, which I have never done before. If I develop the splicing issue again, I will have them do a warranty replacement.

Has anyone that did the heat-cycling also had this issue with tread splice? I was told by a friend that if the tires are properly heat-cycled, this will not happen. Mine were not because I first ran them on a wet/damp track day?

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