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Originally Posted by Dammmittt View Post
Well it was fun while it lasted. HAHA.

Technically this isn't an E90 thread, its a bimmerpost thread, and anyone who is a bimmerpost member can post here....

Anyway. I never doubted slfgator, I just don't get the whole E90 thing. But I think the one thing we can agree on at least, is that the 335i and the Z4M are both great cars, otherwise their owners wouldn't be so passionate about them. So who cars which one is faster, just enjoy what you got, and if someone bad mouths your ride, oh well. Life goes on. Just remember that YOU love your car.
I agree with you on that "track star", but I will still say that a PROceded 335i is still faster than the z4m in a straight line even though it has nothing to do with this thread.